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Nat Turner Podcast

The Nat Turner podcast allows you to experience the famous revolt like never before. Through the intimate power of audio drama you will enter the minds of those involved in the gruesome rebellion against slavery.

Feb 26, 2018

Nat Turner led the most famous slave rebellion in American history, yet how much do you actually know about him? How many of Nat Turner's 6 initial soldiers can you name? What were Nat Turner's motivations? What were the motivations of his men? Just how violent did the revolt actually get?

After listening to the Nat Turner podcast you'll be able to answer all of these questions and much more. Follow Josh Harraway on a journey back in time as he uses sound effects and a full cast of actors to recreate the fateful events of the Southampton Insurrection of 1831.

Unlike other versions of the Nat Turner story this time nothing is left out no matter how gruesome, no matter how controversial. No whitewashing! Josh Harraway gives you the full true story of the revolt as it happened, based on meticulous research, using countless authentic historical documents.

Chapter 1 of the Nat Turner Podcast presents a dramatization of the Sunday August 21st meeting between Nat and his 6 co-conspirators. Listen in as Nat and his men prepare for battle!