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Nat Turner Podcast

The Nat Turner podcast allows you to experience the famous revolt like never before. Through the intimate power of audio drama you will enter the minds of those involved in the gruesome rebellion against slavery.


This cutting edge "Audio Film" is the most accurate and realistic dramatic retelling of the 1831 Nat Turner Slave Rebellion that has ever been told. Writer/director Josh Harraway does not shy away from the violence and strategic warfare that made general Nat the most feared black man in America.

This "Mind Movie" tells the full uncensored story of the actual revolt itself in all it's gory details. Nothing is left out. Nothing is whitewashed. After experiencing Nat Turner Unchained you will truly understand why Nat Turner was an absolute nightmare for whites all over the country. Nat Turner Unchained is free to tell the true story of Nat Turner's valiant quest for freedom in a way that Hollywood has never been able to stomach.