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Nat Turner Podcast

The Nat Turner podcast allows you to experience the famous revolt like never before. Through the intimate power of audio drama you will enter the minds of those involved in the gruesome rebellion against slavery.

Mar 1, 2018

Hollywood and literature have never done justice to the true story of Nat Turner's slave revolt. This gruesome story is often whitewashed in an attempt to make it more palatable to a broad audience. But not this time! Through the means of Audio Drama the real story of Nat Turner can finally be told. 

Andrew Jackson, a man responsible for countless Native American deaths, remains on the 20 dollar bill. While his black contemporary Nat Turner, a slave fighting an alternative revolutionary war for freedom, remains buried in relative anonymity. Why is this still the case even today? What did Nat Turner actually believe? Were Nat Turner and his soldiers all actually fighting for the same concept of freedom? What meaning does this have for people living today?

In chapter 4 of the Nat Turner Podcast we begin to see divisions in Nat Turner's army. The spirit of alcoholism begins to dominate and internecine conflicts between the slave rebels themselves threaten to distract Nat Turner from his mission to reach Jerusalem. Can Nat Turner hold his army together? Listen to find out!