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Nat Turner Podcast

The Nat Turner podcast allows you to experience the famous revolt like never before. Through the intimate power of audio drama you will enter the minds of those involved in the gruesome rebellion against slavery.

Mar 1, 2018

The Nat Turner Podcast was the result of a time traveling microphone sent back to 1831, Southampton County Virginia, set to record absolutely everything without judgement and without censorship. Can you handle it?

Josh Harraway uses the techniques of 20th century Audio Drama, sound effects and dialogue, to tell the 19th century story of Nat Turner's quest for Freedom. With painstaking attention to detail and historical accuracy Josh Harraway tells the full story of Nat Turner's revolt. A controversial story that has been repeatedly whitewashed and censored.

In chapter 3 of the Nat Turner Podcast we begin to meet more of the white slave owners as they are mercilessly destroyed one by one. How did most whites find out that the revolt was happening? How did whites react to the news of the violence? We also begin to see the differences in the motivations of the original conspirators. As in any diverse community opinions vary.