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Nat Turner Podcast

The Nat Turner podcast allows you to experience the famous revolt like never before. Through the intimate power of audio drama you will enter the minds of those involved in the gruesome rebellion against slavery.

Feb 26, 2018

The Nat Turner Podcast uses the techniques of Radio Drama, sound effects and a full cast of actors to recreate the most successful slave rebellion in U.S. History. Using sounds and dialogue alone Josh Harraway takes you on a wild ride of imagination back in time, to the days of American slavery.

What did the slaves really sound like? How did people from the past really interact with one another? Forget what you've seen in the movies and forget everything you thought you knew about American slavery. Based on numerous slave narratives The Nat Turner Podcast lets you hear the rich and authentic dialects of early 19th century slaves. These were real people with real dreams, complex personalities, relationships, emotions, strengths and weaknesses.

In chapter 2 Nat Turner and his men begin their wholesale slaughter of the slave masters in Southampton County, Virginia. One of the main reasons why Nat Turner's revolt has always remained controversial is that white women and white children were not excluded from this violence. Listen to it happening as if you were actually there yourself. You may be surprised by the way it makes you feel. What would you have done if you were a slave living in 1831?